Guidance on Entry Categories

SONG Includes singers, songwriters, collectors, researchers, speakers on any aspect of folk song, workshop leaders, folk song clubs, pub singing sessions
DANCE Includes dance callers, special interest in any kind of social dance (regional and national, historical or modern folk dance clubs), Morris dance (Cotswold, Border, North West) and related traditions (Molly, Stave, Longsword, Rapper), Dartmoor Step Dancing, and other forms of percussive dance esearchers & speakers on aspects of dance, workshop leaders,, folk dance display groups, dance teachers
MUSIC Includes folk musicians, folk dance bands, other folk bands, folk music sessions, workshop leaders, researchers, speakers on regional or national folk music styles and instruments, tutors
FOLKLORE Includes Devon folklore , Devon dialect, other folklore, storytelling, mumming, wassails, and other customs, speakers on any aspects of folklore & customs, researchers, workshops leaders, performers.
ORGANISATIONS Includes folk festivals, various community groups involved with folk activities
OTHER Includes instrument repairers, service & advice on P.A. And insurance for folk activities. Folk contacts in local media.
INFORMATION Concise details of what can be offered. Include any specialism, such as working with group of particular age, gender, ethnicity, etc . Links to on-line audio or video can be included.